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Ballet is based on an elaborate formal technique characterized by movements of grace, precision, and fluidity. Our ballet classes focus on proper body alignment, flexibility, coordination, balance, and musicality. Ballet technique is the foundation of all other dance styles.

2022-2023 Dance Schedule

Elementary Ballet Classes located under "Combo Classes"

Ballet I - Mondays @ 5:30pm**

2nd-3rd Grade

Ms. Kayla (Previous Dancing Required)

Ballet - Tuesdays @ 5:30pm

Upper Elementary & Middle School

Ms. Tuesday

Ballet - Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Junior High & High School

Ms. Tuesday

Ballet - Wednesday @ 3:30pm**

Junior High & High School

Ms. Carla & Ms. Lauren (Teacher Approval Required)

For all advanced classes, please contact us for scheduling!

Ballet Dress Code

Students must wear a leotard (any color), pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Students also have the option of wearing a ballet skirt. Hair must be in a secure bun.

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