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Hip Hop is derived from street dance. It includes a wide variety of styles, primarily breaking, which was made popular from dance crews in the United States. Our classes include upbeat, high energy, and rhythmic combinations focusing on body isolations as well as smooth and sharp movements. GTTP's hip hop classes are on the conservative side with age appropriate music and movements.

2024-2025 Dance Schedule

Jazz/Hip Hop - Mondays @ 6:30

2nd & 3rd Grade

Ms. Emily

Jazz/Hip Hop - Thursdays @ 6:30

2nd & 3rd Grade

Ms. Emily

Boys Hip Hop - Tuesdays @ 4:30


Ms. Jamisen

Hip Hop 1 - Thursdays @ 5:30

4th-6th Grade

Ms. Emily

Hip Hop 2 - Mondays @ 5:30

6th-8th Grade

Ms. Emily

Hip Hop (JrH) - Tuesdays @ 6:30**

Junior High

Ms. Jamisen (Teacher Approval Required)

Hip Hop 3 - Mondays @ 4:30

7th-12th Grade

Ms. Emily

Hip Hop - Wednesday @ 5:00**

High School

Ms. Emily (Teacher Approval Required)

For all advanced classes, please contact us for scheduling!

Hip Hop Dress Code

Students must wear a leotard (any color), jazz shorts, and tan tights. Hair should be in a secure ponytail.  Jazz shoes must be worn. Jazz shoes should be laceless, tan, and split-sole. Boys will wear solid black tennis shoes

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